Pulse Jet Bag Filter Supplying Case

SINOSPARE experienced in supplying the Bag Filters along with Standard Accessories and Essential Parts from manufacturing to expert international transporting. We aim to win the trusts, satisfaction, reputation by supplying the no quality compromised products to international customers. While, in this supplying case of Bag Filter, SINOSPARE applies first-class components with professional welding methods for producing, the surface of air exposes and dust material contact were proceeded with sand polishing before painting to ensure the excellent performance after installation in our customer's producing plant.

fine welding

filter bag supplying case

pulse jet bag filter supplying case

Technical Parameter of the Pulse Jet Bag Filter:

1. Volume: 8750 m3/h
2. Filtration Area: 84 m2
3. Quantity Of Filter Bag: 112 Pcs
4. Protection Wind Speed: ≤0.9 m/min
5. Inlet Dust Density: <100 g/m3
6. Outlet Dust Density: ≤20 mg/Nm3
7. Inlet Temp: ≤120 ℃
8. Pressure Loss: ≤1200 Pa
9. Negative Pressure Bearing: <6000 Pa
10. Compress Air Pressure: 0.3~0.5 Mpa

Packing and Transporting Method

1. Packing Method: Iron Structure Frame Working with Water Proof Plastic Film Cover for Inner Side, Rain and Sunlight Proof for Outer Side.
2. Transporting Method: 1*20GP Frame Container.

packing of the bag filter supply case