Valve and Gate

Dampers and dump valves are the material flow and air flow control units for bulk material system. SINOSPARE provides dampers and dump valves based on the drawings from our customers or target models/types of dampers and valves with different shapes, performance, applications, controlling methods (manual or automatic) working with different temperatures, pressures of different media, such as air, dust content air, gases. Quality and performance of the dampers and dump valves with drawings verified by customers can be guaranteed by SINOSPARE. There will be a free replacement if a functional failure occurred in normal use.

Products List

The block crushing valve is designed and applied to create continuous and steady material flow from the silo and other storage space for powder material by crushing the material block which was affected from damp.
Custom slide gate valve supplier in China provides custom slide gate valve for transporting or cutting bulk materials such as powder, granular materials.
Cement rotary airlock valve supplier in China provides customized rotary airlock valves for powdery and granular materials conveying in cement plant.
Custom double dump valve supplier in China provides customized double dump valve as a component for bulk material handling applications in cement plant.
China cement ventilation butterfly valve supplier offers customized cement ventilation butterfly valve, manual or self-actuated, stable, energy-saving.