O-SEPA Cement Mill Separator

Key Specifications / Features

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China O-Sepa cement mill separator supplier offers O-Sepa cement mill separator, max capacity 180-300 T/H, air volume 500-5000 M3/H, max feeding 75-750 T/H.
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Detail Infomation

Main Spare Parts for O-SEPA Separator:
Main shaft, main bearing, main fan, air vanes, distribution plate, spreading plate, wear plate

O-SEPA air separator is the third generation efficient and dynamic powder classifier which has wide application in grinding system of cement production lines. O-SEPA air separator is designed by international advanced manufacturing technology, and achieves the following features comparing with the normal and traditional air separator:

1. The material powder agglomerated particles is scattered when hitting by the buffer baffle plate with the inertial centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the spreading plate. The material is secondarily dispersed by the force of eddy current shear when the material powder enters the classification zone. This is why the material is well dispersed and creates conditions for efficient powder classification.

2. The accurate and optimum classification can be done when the material is separated from the top to bottom by passing through a number of classification zone boundaries repeatedly.

3. The finished product is collected by the system's high-efficiency dedusting equipment, which not only improves the efficiency of the powder selection, but also improves the ventilation of the mill while increasing the production.

4. The material is graded by the balanced force of inertial centrifugal and centripetal force of air flow. The operation is relatively simple because the critical separation particle size of the product can be changed by simply changing the speed of the powder separator when the fan volume is determined.

5. The powder classification efficiency can be 5%-10% improved by adopting a new volute-type lower cone which effectively carries the fine powder falling into the graded surface in the hopper.

6. Because the dust-containing gas has not affected the efficiency of powder selection, so the air source of the separator can be sucked from the dust point which is conductive to the purification of the workshop environment.

7. Small machine size, mild blade wear, simple maintenance.

Type Capacity(t/h) Air volume(m³/h) Max.feeding(t/h) Power(kV)
HJN-500 18-35 500 75 45
HJN-750 27-45 750 112.5 55
1-LIN-1000 36-60 1000 150 75
1-LIN-1500 54-90 1500 225 90
HJN-2000 72-120 2000 300 110
HJN-2500 90-150 2500 375 132
HJN-3000 108-180 3000 450 160
HJN-3500 126-210 3500 525 220
HJN-4000 144-240 4000 600 250
HJN-4500 162-270 4500 675 280
HJN-5000 180-300 5000 750 315

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