SINOSPARE's main products are rotary kilns, ball mills, roller press, stackers & reclaimers, rotary feeders, telescopic loading spouts, filter bags, dust collectors, storage vessels, finned tubes and heads for boilers, heat exchangers, fans, roots blowers, etc. 

Products List

Crushing Valve for Material Distributor
The block crushing valve is designed and applied to create continuous and steady material flow from the silo and other storage space for powder material by crushing the material block which was affected from damp.
Reverse Pulse Dust Collector for Cement Plant
Reverse pulse dust collector supplier in China offers reliable customized reverse pulse dust collector for cement plant, high purification efficiency.
Custom Slide Gate Valve for Transporting Bulk Materials
Custom slide gate valve supplier in China provides custom slide gate valve for transporting or cutting bulk materials such as powder, granular materials.
Rotary Airlock Valve for Cement Plant
Cement rotary airlock valve supplier in China provides customized rotary airlock valves for powdery and granular materials conveying in cement plant.
Custom Double Dump Valve for Cement Plant
Custom double dump valve supplier in China provides customized double dump valve as a component for bulk material handling applications in cement plant.
Cement Air Slide Conveyor
Cement air slide conveyor supplier in China provides customized cement air slide conveyor with low power consumption, for conveying dry powder media.
Bucket Wheel Stacker Reclaimer for Bulk Materials Handling
China bucket wheel stacker reclaimer supplier offers bucket wheel stacker reclaimer combining stacking and reclaiming tasks in bulk material handling.
Bridge Type Bucket Wheel Reclaimer for Bulk Material Handling
China bridge type bucket wheel reclaimer supplier offers bridge type bucket wheel reclaimer for bulk material handling, with preset protection programs.
Central Cone Blending Silo for Cement Plant
Central cone blending silo supplier in China provides reliable central cone blending silo for raw materials storage and homogenizing in cement plant.