Pressure Vessel

The pressure vessels provided by SINOSPARE covers liquefied gas storage container, vertical type and underground storage tanks, U-tube heat exchanger, fixed tube plate heat exchanger and reaction vessel. We have the Manufacture License of Special Equipment of the People's Republic of China. All materials are from top steel companies in China, and pressel vessels are made by expert workers with welder certificates of European and Chinese Standard. Pressure vessels with various specifications, materials can be customized base on the drawings or samples from customers.

Products List

China stainless steel reaction vessel supplier offers durable custom stainless steel reaction vessel, continuous stirred tank reactor for cement plant.
China pressure vessels supplier offers custom pressure vessels, pressure storage tank for cement plant, volume 0.3-100 M3, working pressure 0.8-1.6 MPa.
Custom heat exchanger supplier in China offers custom heat exchanger for cement plant, tube plate heat exchanger, U-tube, shell & tube heat exchanger.