Paddle Powder Mixer for Bulk Dry Powder

Key Specifications / Features

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Paddle powder mixer supplier in China customized pug mill for bulk dry powder in cement production, max capacity 200-500 M3/H, 500x3500MM to 800x4000MM.
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Detail Infomation

The existing industrial powder mixing machine mainly has two types: mechanical type and pneumatic type.

Mechanical mixers can be divided into single shaft type and double shaft type. The mechanical powder mixer machine is characterized by homogeneous and reliable mixing, but great power consumption, the mix parts would be seriously worn. In addition, special process layout is required for mechanical type powder mixer.

The pneumatic industrial powder mixer has the methods of airflow mixing and gasification mixing. The characteristics are fast mixing, low power consumption, easy maintenance, but the disadvantage is that the material is affected by short circuit of gas and side wall effect of eddy current. The uniformity of the mix is low and a special process arrangement is required for the pneumatic mixer. Therefore, the existing mixers have their own limitations in actual production.

The newly developed powder horizontal mixer was developed on the basis of summarizing the advantages of mechanical and pneumatic mixers. It not only has the characteristics of homogeneous mixing of mechanical mixers. At the same time, the mixer has the characteristics of quick mixing, low power consumption and low consumption of parts. In particular, there is no need for a special process route in terms of process layout, and it is only necessary to install and use the bypass of the conveyor equipment with a slight improvement. After being used by many cement companies, it has won great praise from users.

1. Homogeneous and reliable mixing.
2. Large mixing volume,30m³-500 m³/h
3. Low mixing wear, zero replacement in 2 years.
4. Simple process layout, no special process ways required, the material can be discharged side or bottom.
5. Effectively removes slag from powder

Type  500*3500mm 630*3500mm 800*4000mm 500*3500-2 mm 630*3500-2 mm 800*4000-2 mm
Cap of Mixing(m³) 30-100 50-150 100-300 50-150 100-300 200-500
Shaft Power(KW) 2.2 4 5.5 2*3 2*4 2*5.5
Blower Power(KW) 2.2 3 4 4 5.5 7.5
Total Power(KW) 4.4 7 9.5 10 13.5 18.5

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