Acrylic (AC) Filter Bag for Cement Plant

Key Specifications / Features

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China acrylic (AC) filter bag supplier offers customized acrylic filter bag, polyacrylonitrile (PAN) filter bag for cement plant, oxidation resistance.
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Detail Infomation

Polyacrylonitrile fiber filter bag is also named acrylic fiber filter bag and PAN filter bag. Polyacrylonitrile Fiber does not hydrolyze and is used to replace the polyester filter bag in the case of low temperature and chemical corrosion and moisture content working condition. At the temperatures below 125℃, the Polyacrylonitrile fiber shows good resistance to organic solvents, oxidizing agents, inorganic and organic acids. But polyacrylonitrile fiber has not resistant to hydrolysis, so it cannot be used as a substitute for homopolymer in filtration applications.
• Operating temperature<125℃, 
instant working temperature is 145℃ 
• Organic Solvents Resistance
• Oxidation Resistance
• Inorganic Acids and Organic Acids Resistance
• Hydrolysis Resistance
Dust collection industry for waste incineration, Asphalt, Spray Dryers, Coal Mills, Power plants, etc.

Filter Weight (g/m2 Structure
Fiber layer\Scrim 
Air permeability (dm3/m2·s)  Tensile Strength
Tensile elongation
Temperature (℃)
Finishing Treatment 
Warp  Weft  Warp  Weft 
Acrylic Fiber 500Acrylic Fiber+High Strength Scrim 2 250 ≥800 ≥1100 ≤30 ≤40 ≤125℃ Singeing,

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