Aramid Needle Felt Filter Bags for Cement Plant

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China aramid needle felt filter bags supplier offers custom aramid needle felt filter bags, polypropylene filter bags for cement plant, good abrasion.
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Detail Infomation

Aramid filter bag can withstand operating temperature of 200℃ under dry working conditions. It is a hydrolyzable fiber which will be quickly hydrolyzed and damaged when exposed to high temperature, organic chemical and moisture content working condition. Aramid filter bag can be applied to the operating temperature of 190℃ with service life reach 2 years at a 10% water concentration and weakly acidic and neutral environment. If the water concentration is increased to 20%, the working temperature should be reduced to 165 °C if it has to be used for two years. The service life will be only half a  year when working in 190℃ condition.

Aramid filter bag can't be used in power plants that use sulfur-containing coal because it is particularly afraid of SOX erosion and water vapor. Nomex®, Conex® and Aramid fiber have little difference in performance with density 1.3g/cm3, breaking strength 4.9g/d, limiting oxygen index 29, is a kind fiber with non-thermoplastic, no self-igniting or combustion-supporting ability, it will only carbonize or decompose into small molecules at high temperature at 371 °C, they can only be singed but can't be calendered when processing finish treatment.

• Excellent High-Temperature Performance - continuously working at 180℃ with max (instant) working temperature 220℃.
• Good High-Temperature Stability and High Dimensional Stability - only 1% expansion rate at 230℃
• Fire Retardant Performance -  this kind of filter bag won't spontaneously combust and does not support combustion.
• Good Chemical Corrosion Resistance
• Fast Production, High Labor Productivity 
and Low Product Cost
The Aramid Filter Bag mainly used in wide range of applications in dust removal and purification in high temperature environments such as Coal Burning Boilers, Asphalt Concrete Mixing Asphalt Flue Gas, Smelting Plant, Carbon Black Plant, Iron Furnace Gas, Kiln Exhaust in Calcium Carbide Plant, Casting and Steel Mill Flue Gas, Kiln Exhaust Gas in Cement Plants.

 Filter Weight (g/m2) Structure
Fiber layer\Scrim
Air permeability (m3/m2·min) Tensile strength   (N/5×20cm) Tensile elongation (%) Temperature (℃) Finishing treatment
Warp Weft Warp Weft Work Short Time
Aramid Fiber+Aramid Scrim Felt 500 Ordinary fiber\Ordinary  Scrim 2 14 ≥1000 ≥1200 ≤55 ≤50 204 240 Heating, Singeing, Calendering, PTFE Coating

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