Custom Venturi Filter Bag Cage with Venturi

Key Specifications / Features

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Venturi Filter bag cage supplier in China provides filter bag cage with venturi for cement plant, light-weight, suitable for corrosive dust working condition.
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Detail Infomation

The filter bag cage is manufactured by welding and forming with special equipment from high-quality low carbon steel wire, galvanized steel wire or stainless steel wire. It is characterized by strong welding, smooth and straight appearance, good verticality and convenient use. It can be freely disassembled and combined. There are six, eight, ten, twelve, sixteen, eighteen, twenty-four, twenty-four steel wires of collector bags.
Dust bag cages can be divided into round bag cages, segmented bag cages, flat bag cages, trapezoidal bag cages, oval bag cages, diamond shape bag cages, envelope type bag cages, multi-section frame bag cages. All the filter bag cages can be proceeding with different surface treatment, such as galvanizing, spray coating, anti-corrosion treatment, silicone spraying, and silicone coating, which are especially suitable for corrosive dust working condition.
• Light Weight
• Easy Installation and Easy Maintenance
• Smooth Surface
• Anti-Corrosion and Wear Resistance
• High-Temperature Resistance
• Long Service Life
Widely used in filter bag of metallurgy, building materials, power generation, steel, boilers, chemical industry, waste incinerator and other industries.

Filter Cage Type Circle Type, Oval Type, Flat Type
Material Galvanized Steel Wire, Stainless Steel Wire, Low-Carbon Steel Wire
Structure 8~24 Wires Circle Type,10~16 Wires Oval Type
Diameter of Steel Wire(mm) φ3,φ3.2,φ3.5,φ3.8,φ4mm
Processing Procedure Steel Wire Straightening, Ring Shaped, Ring Welding,
Longitude structure welding, cap welding
Finishing Treatment Galvanized, Organic Silicon Spray, Anti-corrosion

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