Side Cantilever Stacker for Material Handling

Key Specifications / Features

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China side cantilever stacker supplier provides custom side cantilever stacker for material handling, various stacking and reclaiming methods.
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Detail Infomation

General Information
The side cantilever stacker is widely used in 
material handling sector in heavy industry production line, such as cement, coal, electric power, metallurgical, steel, chemical plant. The side cantilever stackers are functioned to achieve pre-homogenizing effect of materials for better production quality. The side cantilever stacker processes chevron stacking method which can distributing kinds of materials with different chemical or physical properties in the stockyard. Fixed-arm side cantilever stacker and rotating side cantilever stacker can be designed and manufacturing base on technical requirements from end users.

Basic Structure
Side cantilever stacker mainly consists walking mechanism, feeding dolly, cantilever stacker, breadth control hydraulic system, control room, etc.

Technical Characteristics
1.Perfect homogenization
In the longitudinal material blending yard, different stacking processes can be adopted according to different working conditions. Continuous synthetic stacking methods can be adopted to ensure the homogenization effect in the circular material blending yard.

2. Reliability
2.1 We guarantee the advanced and reasonable technology and stable equipment with the experience and development of making stackers and reclaimers as well as absorbing the advanced technology from international.
2.2 Advanced production equipment and manufacturing technique, such as steel pretreatment line which improves the product's quality and anti-corrosion capability, large milling and boring machine improves 
quality of large parts. Large-scale structural components processed the pre-assembling procedure driving parts we will be tested before delivery. Rotating parts are all processing mold integrated manufacturing.
2.3 New materials applicating, such as wear-resistance material, composite material.
2.4 First class quality fittings.
2.5 Damage reduced by soft start and frequency converting control.
2.6 Protection programs are presetting
2.7 Advanced testing methods and QC system in our plant.

3. Advancement
3.1 Fully automatic operation.
3.2 Various stacking and reclaiming methods presetting to satisfy different work condition of blending yard.
3.3 Advanced frequency conversion technical.

Main Technical Parameters
Stacking Material Coal,lime stone,auxiliary material
Capacity 1.45t/m3,0.85t/m3,1.2t/m3
Material Taking Capability  50t/h,100t/h,150t/h,200t/h,250t/h,300t/h,400t/h,500t/h,750t/h,1000t/h,1200t/h,1500t/h,1800t/h,2000t/h
Cantilever Length 12m,14m,16m,18m,20m,22m,25m,28m,30m
Stacking Speed 18m/min,30m/min
Luffing Speed 0.3m/min~0.6m/min

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